The new way of creating and using video templates

What is a video template?

It is a video in which the content is easily editable. The design is ready, you just have to provide the content: your texts, images, videos, etc.

Why use Danim?

Danim is the first open solution that allows you to create video templates on your own and to use them easily. We've built it to simplify the collaboration between creators, developers and digital editors.

How it works?


You or your client need to produce videos frequently, or want to create videos massively, easily, quickly or even automatically.


You cannot satisfy this request on your own, so you decide to create a video template. You handle the creation process.


Your video template is ready, now you just have to use it! And you are able to create hundreds of videos with an easy-to-use form or a collaborative spreadsheet, with your computer or in the cloud.

Danim for creators

We build tools to help you creating better templates in After Effects. Collaborate more easily with your clients, editors, writers and the rest of your team.

Boost your workflow by transforming your own AE project into an easy-to-use form with plenty of features. Render hundreds of videos through a spreadsheet, on your computer or in the cloud.

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Danim for developers

Need a solution to create personalized videos for your app? Our API allows you to create data driven videos without any pain.

Send us your data, and we'll send you back a video! Interested in using our API for your project? Please tell us more about your need.

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Danim for digital editors

Danim is also a complete and ease-to-use web application. You choose your video template, add your text, import your images or videos, define your colors...thanks to a simple form.

Your video is ready in a few minutes, and you just have to share it on all your social medias and/or dynamic screens.

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