Danim Box

Automatically adapt all your content

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Quickly and easily change the content of your After Effects creations

Danim Box is a free script for After Effects allowing you to adapt your texts and media files inside boxes.

That way, whatever the length of your text, or the dimensions of your image, the size of your target will adapt to your box!

Also discover other features such as alignment and animation options that will become essential to the creation of your templates and assets.

Many features will enable you to gain efficiency during the creation of your templates, and cover a wide range of situations. Thanks to Danim Box, your images and videos can be animated automatically within their box. Multiline formatting and alignment options are applicable to your text layers as well as your boxes, so as to get a genuine rendering of your intentions, whatever the content.

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Adrien du Repaire


Being very fond of video, motion graphics and development, Adrien was naturally interested in finding out how programming could increase video production possibilities, and started to develop the Danim platform.