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Free resources

Download free tools used daily by our team of creators and developed to make Danim workable.

Advanced tools

You'll soon be able to enjoy most of the features of our generator in a local environment.

Danim Marketplace

You'll be able to sell your motion graphics creations within our platform very soon.

Danim Box

Danim Box is a free script for After Effects enabling you to adapt your texts and media files inside boxes.

That way, whatever the length of your text, or the dimensions of your image, the size of your target will adapt to your box, enabling you to reuse your creations easily!

Also discover other features such as alignment and animation options that will become essential to the creation of your templates and assets.

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Danim Creator

Danim Creator brings together many of the components of the Danim platform.

This After Effects extension helps you in all phases of a template design (creation of boxes, baking of non-variable elements, template rigging ...) to enable its modification via a graphical interface. But this isn't its main advantage...

Once your template is ready, take advantage of the many advanced tools of Danim Creator. Generate videos massively in the appropriate format (H264, uncompressed, or even GIF) from a Google Sheet (or CSV, Excel...), and automate their distribution in the cloud and the streaming platforms of your choice. An access to the Danim platform allows you to stream your creations via our player and plan their distribution on various social networks.

For the more adventurous who want to go further, multiply the automation possibilities with the API of Danim Creator, and fully integrate this extension into your workflow.

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