Danim Creator

The new way of creating and using motion graphics templates with After Effects

What is Danim Creator?

Have you ever dreamed of creating motion graphics video without having to launch After Effects?

Then, good news, you're at the good place. Danim Creator lets you transform your own After Effects project into an easy-to-use form with a lot of features, to create hundreds of videos.

Danim Creator is available for Windows and macOS and only needs After Effects to render your videos.

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Tell your story

Use a single template with several purposes by making your compositions reorderable.

Remove, duplicate or drag and drop a composition to tell the story you want.

Edit your colors in a few clicks

With Danim Creator, almost everything is editable. Create color schemes to make your template colors editable!

Render your video in several ratios

Need to publish a video on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube? Just change the video ratio, and voila!

Create styles and edit fonts

Want to use another font to adapt this design for your client? That's super easy!

Crop images & cut videos

All your images can be cropped between min and max dimensions. You also can adjust duration of imported videos: define in and out points, and Creator will retime your compositions, animations...

From spreadsheet to videos

Fill a CSV file with your texts, images, videos, colors, ratios and even fonts. Import this file in Creator, and voila! Each line of your spreadsheet is added to the render queue.

Share your template

Your project and all your medias, thumbnails, previews are stored inside a single file, easily shareable and installable. Just drop this file in Danim Creator and fill the form.

Please note After Effects has to be installed and licensed to create videos.

When the beta will end?

We don't know yet, but we know that we want to create a software fully functional. Licenses created today will remain valid until the end of the beta.

How much will it cost? How the license work?

Danim Creator price is not known yet. However we already know there will be a free version. You will be able to use almost all of the features, except the ones related to video rendering. So it will be possible to create a template without the paid version.

About the type of license, it will be a one-time license, and some optional online services could require a subscription.

How to learn Danim Creator?

There isn't a better place than our documentation. It brings together all the resources you need to learn Danim Creator: beginner's guide, video course... We will improve it and add new guides and videos throughout the beta.

Read the docs

A lot more is coming...

That's the very beginning, and we need you to build the future of Danim Creator.

Join the free beta now, and send us your feedback. We will publish new features during all the beta, so stay tuned and be ready for really cool stuffs like video import and advanced automations to batch render from Google Sheet, from your browser or with our API.

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